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CARE stands for Credit Abuse Resistance Education. CARE is a national non-profit comprised of professionals in bankruptcy, financial services, and business. We volunteer our time to educate young adults and others about the benefits of personal financial management and the consequences of credit abuse. Borrowing from our professional experiences, we tell true stories about financial distress and the impact it can have on one’s life.

CARE in the news

CARE had the privilege of participating in the annual gala organized by PEAC (Private Equity Association of Chicago). CARE Chicago’s Vice Chair Jeff Schwartz made an impressive speech (video here ) articulating what CARE does by educating local high school students and other young adults on financial literacy, for FREE!

Most Popular Presentations

Get Smart About Credit

A 50-minute PowerPoint presentation that covers the basics of credit, credit cards, and the key features of credit reports and credit scores.


Credit Reporting 101

A 50-minute PowerPoint presentation on how to build a good credit history and achieve a high credit score.


ID Theft and Credit Reporting

A 50-minute PowerPoint presentation on Identity Theft and its detection through and impact on credit reports and credit scores.


Mastering Student Loans

A 50-minute PowerPoint presentation on financing a college education, with a focus on the different types and terms of student loans.


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  • CARE is a nation-wide organization whose mission is to teach students and adults sound financial management principles while alerting them to the many consequences of consumer credit abuse
  • CARE achieves this mission by providing in-school presentations to students at high schools and colleges, as well as other community groups
How much does CARE charge?
Where does CARE present?

Here are just a few of the organizations we’ve visited recently:

  • Deerfield High School
  • DeVry University Advantage Academy
  • District 205 Outlook Academy
  • Downers Grove South High School
  • Farragut High School
  • George Washington High School
  • Glenbrook North High School
  • Grayslake North High School
  • HFS Chicago Scholars
  • Just the Beginning Foundation
  • LINK Unlimited
  • The Mikva Challenge
  • Steinmetz College Prep
  • Taft High School
  • Thornton Township High School
  • St. Ignatius College Prep

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What is a CARE presentation like?

Focus on Credit

Focus on Credit

CARE presentations focus on the smart use of credit, including both credit cards and student loans. We also discuss bankruptcy, credit reports, credit scores, budgeting, and identity theft.

Meant for Teens & Adults

Meant for Teens & Adults

Our programs are generally appropriate for teenagers and adults and range from 30 to 120 minutes. CARE presentations are direct, interactive, multimedia, concrete, and relevant.

Trained Volunteers

Trained Volunteers

CARE provides training opportunities to new volunteers in the form of one-on-one coaching, presentation observation, and group training.

Presentations that Resonate

Presentations that Resonate

We are successful at resonating with people, in part because the audience appreciates the expertise and passion we have.

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“Our guest speakers from CARE were fabulous! They were knowledgeable and engaging and they were able to handle 400 senior students in our school auditorium! We were so appreciative of their time and commitment to helping students understand the importance of credit card usage and ho this will affect their future. Highly recommended!”

Susie Kwan Von Steuben

“I am impressed with the CARE team’s willingness to speak to high school students about the importance of using credit responsibly. They volunteer their time and expertise, and are wonderful role models. Thanks so much.”

Karen Schneider Lakes Community High School

“I believe this is an amazing program that is taking time out of their busy professional lives to give back to the next generation in hopes of better preparing them for having better financial decisions and making smart decisions. . . . Thank you so much! I love this program.”

Thelma Redmond Roger C. Sullivan High School

“The CARE speakers provide students with not only a great presentation filled with useful information, but they can also give students a look at what it means to be a professional. They are an example for students about what it looks like to be in the work force with a college degree, which is just as important as the information being presented.”

Jenell Filline ACERO Garcia High School

“Our CARE speakers provided real knowledge that is essential to long-term personal success. It’s so valuable for the students to hear this information from other adults.”

Heather Worley Ogden International School

“Care goes over and beyond the call of duty. The speakers are extremely knowledgeable and strive to continually improve their delivery. CARE ROCKS!!!”

Tony Bussone Grayslake North High School

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