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Building Block To Help Youth Achieve Financial Capability

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This April 2018 booklet from the CFPB discusses a variety of techniques to measure the success of financial education programs [uploaded April 2018].

CFPB FinEx Webinar on Measuring Youth Financial Capability.

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These are slides from a CFPB webinar that discuss the different attributes and characteristics that should be measured in assessing the effectiveness of financial literacy education [uploaded April 2018].

How to Cash In on Cash-Back Credit Cards

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In this August 2017 article, Consumer Reports discusses the advantages of cash-back credit cards and recommends cards that are appropriate for various cohorts of users.

How To Win the College Scholarship Game

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Article on strategies for getting the largest possible award. [uploaded 08.19.14]

The Complex Story of American Debt

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A report from The PEW Charitable Trusts dated July 2015.

FICO Scoring

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Presentation on how credit scores are computed.

Important Credit Bureau Information

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Information supplied by TransUnion.

The College Payoff

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The College Payoff: Education, Occupations, Lifetime Earnings by Anthony P. Carnevale, Stephen J. Rose and Ban Cheah of Georgetown University.

Always Leave Home Without It

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This scholarly study demonstrates that people with credit cards spend more than people without credit cards. It also gives suggestions to fight the impulse buying that comes with having a credit card.

Student Aid Policy Analysis Papers

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Who Graduates with Excessive Student Loan Debt - by Mark Kantrowitz, Dec. 2015.

Federal Reserve Bank of NY Staff Reports

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Credit Supply and the Rise in College Tuition: Evidence from the Expansion in Federal Student Aid Programs

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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This study by the CFPB explains that there is more than one “credit score” and gives a lot of useful information about the impact on consumers of these different credit scores.


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The Wall Street Journal (November 27,2012): 5 Things to Know Before Taking Out a
Student Loan


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Five Money Tips for Every College Freshman.

Bankruptcy Filings

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Notable Celebrity Filings over the Last 30 Years

The Best Credit Cards for College Students and New Grads

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MarketWatch - May 2015

The Street -- Financial Planning

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10 Commandments for Frugal Living

The Project on Student Debt

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From The Project on Student Debt - March 2014

Student Loan Summary

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Summary of Federal Grant and Student Loan Terms 2015-2016

Student Loan Debt Facts

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A publication providing a comparison of the average debt incurred from attending Illinois institutions. 

Student Loan Servicing

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Analysis of public input and recommendations for reform.

Quick Tips for Managing Your Money

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For young adults and teens: Simple Strategies and Practical Guidance for
Borrowing, Saving, Banking and Avoiding Scams.

Quick Reference Guide

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A Quick Guide for Consumers on Credit, Debt, and Prepaid Cards.
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